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Web design is the branch of design that produces Internet sites. This kind of design has a special feature: interaction. Web design mixes the interactive and the esthetical productions. These two features will be discussed in this section. As preliminary information, we can say that this branch of design is in charge of designing Web sites, especially for companies, through different graphic design programs and these designs are then translated into HTML language so that the graphic files become Internet sites.

Due to the huge number of firms in the market and its appearance on the Internet, having a Web site is essential for a company to exist. This happens in two ways: a perceptive-existential way and a commercial way. In a market full of small, medium and large-sized companies, and with factories and companies no longer being part of a community, when nobody knows them by their location, their buildings, their workers or their owners, companies nowadays have an abstract place in markets: they are an abstraction. People do not know the company’s building or staff, and the company itself is only a concept in their minds, an idea. Again, they are an abstraction. For people to have a material element to rely on, there is the corporate Logo, and Web sites act as virtual customer service offices for abstract companies. A company’s Internet site represents and acts as a customer service office that complements the non-virtual offices.

In a commercial way, having a Web site is essential due to a simpler reason: it is just about competition, supply and demand. All companies have Web sites and not having it would be very unfavorable. A company without a Web site would lose sales and also would give the idea of incompetence, weakness and old-fashion.

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As we have previously stated, we will explain Web design’s two basic features: esthetics and interaction, being the latter an exclusive characteristic of this branch of graphic design. The esthetics Web sites present should agree with the Logo’s criterion ?being the Logo the corporate identity’s founder? because if it does not follow the Logo’s parameters, the identity cannot be established, the elements become separate units and they do not combine forces in one direction. On the other hand, the main goal of a Web site’s esthetical aspect is to call the visitor’s attention. This Web design objective is very important, because it is the only area where having many options with no effort is so easy. As supply is huge and it is very easy to exit a site that is not interesting, you need all the visitor’s attention so that he stops his search and he focuses on your site.

The other distinctive feature of Web design ?interaction? means that it is the only design with two information inputs: there is a graphic-visual message and a verbal message that the company communicates to consumers, and a message, a response that consumers give to the company. This is what a distinctive interaction is about. All designs send messages from the company to a target group, but only Web design allows consumer’s response, such as inquiries, doubts, comments, etc., which can be answered by the company. Thus, communication is established and the company takes shape. This kind of communication also allows the company to know its potential clients’ intentions, likes and wishes in a specific way.

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