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The programmer is the one in charge of translating the graphic-visual design into HTML programming language. The goal of this translation is to explain what to show or what to do to the computers which cannot directly read a design file or understand that a button is a button when someone clicks in a certain spot. The code contains all the specific matters so that the design the designer shows the client is the same Internet users see across the world.

The code guarantees the design’s faithfulness and makes it operatively possible. Without this code, computers could not show your Web site as a Web site; they would just show it as an image, a picture… Something that is totally ineffective. The programmer makes the site look properly, shirking problems as he works on it.

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The programmer is the Web designer’s inseparable ally: they cannot work alone. Even though they work with their own schedule, their reciprocal need is a fact. People who decide to design their own Web sites with programs that automatically translate into HTML should know that the automatic code’s quality is remarkably poorer than the one programmers offer and the resulting codes are completely different. The first is a «dirty», repetitive code, which is wrong in many aspects and very difficult to be read by search engine robots. This difficulty in reading it has negative consequences as regards positioning when searching by words. The second code is looked after by an expert, who can modify it as he pleases for different purposes: a better view to the site, achieving a better positioning within search engines, changing something in the site (for instance, a color) without carrying out a monotonous proceeding (even though this is only possible for dynamic sites, such as the ones with ASP or PHP codes).

To sum up, the programmer is the irreplaceable gear when talking about a professional and proper Web development. The work enhancement that hiring a programmer and a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) implies is really convenient as regards a cost-benefit ratio. If you are planning a proper Web site design, you cannot forget about the Web design’s allies.

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