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This Web site aims at informing you about the basic concepts of Web design. Our goal is to provide you with the basic knowledge necessary to plan a design production in an effective way together with the designer/s you hire. By bearing in mind this branch of design’s main aspects, you and the designer will save valuable time, as the professional will not have to explain the basic aspects of his work and you will spend that time deciding more important things as regards you Web site design. People should resist the temptation to think they know more than the designer just because they «read about it on the Internet»; this site is just an optimization guide for co-working and does not intend to replace the designers’ expertise, skills, imagination and experience. Throughout this site, you will learn about different matters, which are based on two main core subjects: the Web design’s graphic-visual aspect, which consists of the proper use of graphic resources and tools that draw the site, and the advertising aspect, whose task is to analyze the way a Web site influences the consumers’ behavior in the market and the best way to improve its corporate image.

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In the different sections of this Web site, you will find information about specific issues, which will show you the main aspects you should consider when thinking about your company’s Web site design. What is Web design? gives you a precise definition of what this branch of design is and lists its basic features and characteristics. The relationship between the way consumers see your company and the devices you use in order to change that point of view will be explained in Corporate Identity, a section focused on informing about the key position Web design has within the group of elements that communicate a symbolic message. In Positioning and Web design you will find information about the graphic parameters you need in order to place your Web site among the first ones listed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Altavista. Visual consistency is a section where you will find an explanation about how your Web site’s design has to follow a strong criterion in order to create an outstanding concept in potential clients’ minds. In Typography we will advise you on the number of styles and the typeface shape used to write your site’s text. Finally, the last section is called The programmer and there you will find an explanation of the essential role this professional has when creating a Web site.

Welcome to this practical guide about Web design. We hope the information you will find here can help you with your new project. We would like to remind you that, even if you find this site useful, it is essential that you and the designer you hire have a fluent relationship. We would like to thank you for your visit to this site and for choosing us to go along with you in this new journey. We hope we can satisfy your needs.

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